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Scott Hildebrands Musik entstammt Genres wie dem Blues seiner Heimatstadt Chicago, aber auch Folk, Rock & Roll und Reggae.
Als Sänger, Songwriter und Multiinstrumentalist tritt er mit Gitarre, Mundharmonika und Gesang auf. Er hat einen sanften und verträumten Sound für sein vielfältiges Repertoire entwickelt. Scott reist um die Welt, um sich inspirieren zu lassen und seine Musik weiterzugeben.

Scott Hildebrand is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose music pulls from genres such as the Chicago Blues of his hometown, as well as Indie Folk, Americana and Rock & Roll. Through his musical journeys he strives to inspire open-mindedness and ignite the adventurous flame in the hearts of his listeners.

His earthy voice is accompanied by his expressive guitar and harmonica playing. He has the ability to find deep connection and share openly with audiences, as he travels the world making music on what he calls his “Endless World Tour.”

In 2014, he began his journey as a full-time musician in Seoul, Korea, playing shows, busking, writing and releasing music. Since then he has continued to perform and create music in the USA, Australia, India, Germany, Guatemala and many other places.

With six digital singles and two EPs released, Scott has performed countless shows across the globe, from intimate settings such as Sofar Sounds shows, to festival stages such as the FRL festival in Australia. In 2017, he opened for Josh Thompson in Chicago, and in 2018, he shared the stage with Tones and I at the Byron Bay Arts Factory. In 2020 Scott performed with Sri Lankan music legend, Bathiya. Scott has performed live on TBS FM Seoul, and KCSB FM Santa Barbara, Radio Fritz rbb Germany.

In 2021, he won the Acorn Songwriter Competition.

Scott’s rendition of the 1960s anti-war classic, “Eve of Destruction” was used in Hollywood movie, THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7.

Actor Chris Hemsworth, in his Instagram video, featured Scott’s song “Ready to Fly.” This video was broadcast on BBC, ABC, and other major global media outlets.

Since 2019, when not on the road, Scott has based himself in the music scene of Berlin. He recorded Under Wraps EP that is now available!

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