Nick Hohepa


1.200 - 10.000 €



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3 x 45min


Nick Hohepa is a multi-instrumentalist and singer originally from New Zealand, but now based in Hamburg, Germany, where he has been a full-time musician for the past 7 years. He writes and self-produces all of his own music, which allows him to bring his unique sound and perspective to the world. Nick is known for his versatility and technical proficiency across instruments, which enables him to create music across different genres. He strives to connect with his audience through dynamic and energetic live performances that leave a lasting impact. Nick believes that live music is the ultimate form of expression and is grateful for every opportunity to share his music and connect with others. Whether performing solo or with his band, Nick always delivers a high-energy performance that leaves his fans wanting more. He is excited to see where his journey as a musician will take him next.

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