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The name of the band MAQAMUNDO reflects its program: it is a fusion of Arabic music (MAQAM: Arabic music scale) and Flamenco music (MUNDO: Spanish, meaning world). When the four musicians met in 2012 they all agreed that both traditions were complementary, overlapping and a great source of inspiration.

MAQAMUNDO stands for music which brings together Oriental and Western culture in a fresh and modern way. Besides well-known pieces from the Arabic and Spanish tradition MAQAMUNDO is mainly performing the compositions of their oud player Maruan Betawi. This is also reflected in the band’s debut album „Orient spirit“ (released in 2020).
Our music is aimed at an audience that likes to listen to quality music.

In the past we also had concerts at Interim Munich, Gasteig Munich (Blackbox), as well as in Dubai in the House of Wisdom and KAVE.
Jazzfestival Passau in Bavaria.

A free booking request is possible at any time.

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